We are pleased to announce that South Africa has entered Level 4 of our lockdown restrictions where the Minster of Arts and Culture has announced that commercial production may proceed locally with up to 50 people on set at any given time.

There will be strict rules in place including a medic and Safety & Compliance Officer on set and all safety protocols such as masks, hand and equipment sanitising throughout the film set.

Most importantly we have access to all high-end crew, equipment and locations in Cape Town. This includes production staff and cast, with casting agents casting via self-tapes and video conferencing as well as in-studio where necessary.

Shooting remotely

With local and international travel bans still in place, shooting in Cape Town as you can imagine will have to be done remotely. Internationally acclaimed director, Greg Francois, has just successfully completed a campaign in Cape Town for a client in Singapore where agency and client were unable to travel. Every step of the pre-production process was managed online and via video conferencing. Live streaming of the shoot allowed both agency and client to review each take remotely in real-time, ensuring a seamless collaboration and a very successful end product.

For more information as to how we will manage your shoot, please do not hesitate to contact Tricia.